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ERGObaby Comfort for your child is top priority when choosing a baby carrier, but don't forget about the person wearing the carrier. Designed in Hawaii by nature loving mom Karin Frost, ERGObaby carriers are constructed to support your baby's hips and knees to allow for correct spinal alignment and support. The result is simple, just like the ERGObaby carrier - a happy, comfortable baby and a happy, comfortable caretaker! For the baby wearer, ERGObaby carriers distribute your child’s weight to your shoulders and hips instead of your back, resulting in a carrier that you can literally wear ALL day long. Versatile enough to be worn on the back, front or side, we love the simple, one-peice design of the ERGO carrier. The one-piece design makes this carrier a must-have for toddlers who constantly like to be picked up and then put back down, or for situations where you need to be able to quickly pick up your child and secure them in a carrier, for instance in busy airports or when traveling. An innovator in the baby wearing industry, ERGObaby offers a large selection of 100% certified organic cotton carriers that are softer than any other carrier we have used! For the youngest babywearer in your household, ERGObaby Doll carriers allow children to model loving, attachment parenting by wearing their baby dolls and stuffed animals.
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