Global Enfant's outlet center offers gently used Baby Carriers at discounted prices. Are you looking for a baby carrier, but can't commit? Not exactly sure which style or color will be your favorite? Got to have one of each, but don't want to bust your budget? Or maybe you just hate paying full price for anything and are looking for a great bargain? Our outlet carriers may be the perfect solution for you. Take advantage of our selection of previously worn wraps, slings and soft-structured baby carriers, all at incredible prices.


Why are the baby carriers in your outlet center discounted?

The baby carriers in our outlet center are discounted because they have all been previously worn. We offer in-house fittings and a "learn-to-wear" lending library at our retail store. Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, caretakers and friends (just like you) check-out carriers and use them in the comfort of their own homes (without our supervision *wink*). Once these carriers are returned to us, they can no longer be sold as 'new'. So we donate some of these gently loved baby carriers to local organizations and local families in need, and the rest we offer to our customers at a discounted price!

Do your used carriers come from pet-free and smoke-free homes?

We don't discriminate. We encourage everyone to wear their babies. As such, we can not guarantee that any of our previously worn carriers have been used in non-smoking or pet-free households. What we can guarantee is that you are purchasing a carrier that has been gently used (but can be washed), that your baby will love you for wearing him/her, and that you will get a great deal on the price.

What sort of condition can I expect a used carrier to be in when I receive it?

Some of our previously worn carriers may have pet hair, some may have spots or spilled milk, some smell like cooking, pets, perfume or Febreeze. Many have been stuffed back in boxes so come with lots of wrinkles in the fabric, yet many are in like-new condition with merely a single smudge. Boxes may be dinged, bent and/or marked, and manufacturer instruction booklets may be crumpled or torn. All of the carriers have been used at some point, whether it be as a display model in our store or by other babywearers through our lending library. If you or someone in your household has severe allergies, a used baby carrier may not be a good fit for you. You can check out our selection of brand new, unused baby carriers here. We strongly recommend that any and all used carriers be washed prior to first use.

Can I return the carrier if I change my mind?

Since the carrier you are purchasing has been previously worn (not to mention deeply discounted) we are unable to accept returns of used carriers. Sales of all used and previously-worn carriers are final. No exceptions.


Helpful Information:

In the event the instruction booklet for your used carrier is crumpled, torn or damaged, most manufacturers publish the instructional brochures in PDF form directly on their websites. Additionally, many manufacturers have uploaded helpful instructional videos to YouTube.

Again, we strongly recommend that any and all previously-worn slings, wraps and/or baby carriers be washed prior to first use.


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Koru Carrier Silk Ring Sling Baby Carrier, Double-Layer - Forest (Silver Ring/Matte)
Koru Carrier Silk Ring Sling Baby Carrier, Double-Layer - Forest (Silver Ring/Matte)
Organic Baby Guide
Organic Baby Guide
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