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Hello Kitty Bakery - Be Light

by Ju-Ju-Be
Hello Kitty Bakery - Be Light

This compact tote bag is so light that you’ll almost forget you’re carrying it. When traveling, you can fold this bag up so small that it barely takes up any room in your luggage, giving you whole extra bag’s worth of packing space for souvenirs on your way home. For shorter jaunts around town, you’ll have plenty of space to pack everything you need to care for yourself and your little one. Multiple pockets make it easy to keep your stuff separate from baby’s. and zippered closures keep everything secure.

It’s one thing to be light. It’s another to be ultra crazy, feather light! This awesome tote can pack down so small that you’ll swear it’s not really there…but it still holds a ton when you need it to. Perfect sized straps and just the right number of pockets. You won’t find a better bag…only heavier ones!



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