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Sea Pearls Reusable Sea Sponge Tampons

by Jade and Pearl
Temporarily Sold Out
Sea Pearls Natural Sea Sponge Tampons from Jade and Pearl are sustainably harvested sea sponges that can be reused for 6-12 months (or longer depending on use and care). Sea Sponge Tampons are naturally soft, absorbent and easy to use. 100% natural, Sea Pearls Sea Sponge Tampons do not contain Dioxin, chemicals, rayon or synthetic fibers.

Some women use sea sponges in combination with spermicide as a contraceptive. Resent research has also shown that Sea Pearls have been discovered by women as an alternative to pessary use for the alleviation of mild to moderate symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse.

In addition to being eco-friendly and healthy, reusable sea sponge tampons are a more economical choice over disposable menstrual care products.

Included: 2 Sea Pearl Sea Sponge Tampons, cotton storage bag, fully illustrated brochure.

Regular: for normal to heavy flows
Large: for very heavy flows

Sustainably Harvested By: Jade and Pearl

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